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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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I'd repressed that, it was so bad.
Early TNG is goldmine of this stuff.

Peak Performance- Data was playing some strategy game against some snooty obnoxious alien, and lost, so later Dr. Pulaski told Data to 'bust him up'.

Data: In the present context, what did she (Dr. Pulaski) mean by, "Bust him up?"

TROI Doctor Pulaski, in her own way, is instructing you to take the shortest route to victory.
That term, in that century--just sounded odd. "bust him up", oh brother....

And then in the same episode;

BRACTOR: I am BRACTOR, leader of the Ferengi attack vessel Kreechta!!!!.

I shall have the secret of the other Federation ship. If you surrender it to me, I will allow your Enterprise to leave unharmed.

You have ten of your minutes.
Quark and Nog spoke normally, what was with this?
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