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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

One thing also regarding the Starfleet Command, Constellation and Exeter patches: They're all made with different materials than the gold fabric and black stitching of the Enterprise patch.

The Constellation has the gold fabric, but it also has a lace webbing and silver stitching.

The Exeter has a flat brown fabric, with silver fabric disks.

The Starfleet Command patch is a plastic flower thingy that to this day apparently is sold in craft stores.

It's always disappointing to me to see other assignment patches that fans create that simply mimic the design concept of gold fabric/black stitching ala the Enterprise patch. And most of the designs seem to just be random shapes or blobs just thrown together without rhyme or reason.

Be more creative, fans, please! Think outside the box like Bill Theiss did! He had no money, so he got his ideas and designs using bargain basement sources... why not try his tactics and see what original ideas bubble up in your own fertile minds?
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