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So, for those of you who've played on Robert's server, you're all familiar with its spawn point, or Ground Zero as I like to call it. Recently, with the help of the Multiverse plugin allowing multiple worlds, we have another survival world, a creative world, and a hardcore world, which led to talks about a portal hub on each of the worlds. But where to put it on our initial world? That was the question. But I had a vision in mind and I set out to remodel the spawn point with the help of Red6 and Sticks.

First of all, I knocked down the brown walls and opened it up. I went with a Quartz theme to give it a sense of style. Here's the fountain:

Our world is grand, so why not show it off when first spawning:

I made best use of the stone environment around me. I've built little nooks which I've layered with chiseled quartz, and as Red6 suggested a little leaf for colour

And here's the double-staircase which Red6 helped me with. This leads to the second floor where the world portals will be located:

And then we come upstairs:

Looking down on the fountain from above:

And if we turn around, you see the detail done with the stairs:

A lot has developed in recent months. So, why not come back and see what you've missed?
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