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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

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Say whatever else you want to about Equinox...
Hey, I loved the episode! That's more like it, I say. Except for the end when Chakotay made up with Janeway right away. I swear, he must have permanently damaged his balls when the caretaker flung them to the DQ.

It would have been neat if Seven came on board unconscious and they didn't discover the doctor's deleted subroutine at the end, and kept that as a continuing thread to the next episode. But I guess that sort of thing doesn't happen in a "serialized procedural?"

All joking aside, I really did enjoy that 2-parter! Bravo!

My theory is Janeway castrated Chakotay aftere Caretaker. He seemed to have a working pair of testicles in that episode. Heck, I thought he was going to be my favorite character the first time I watched that one...

Equinox though... the funny thing about that episode is... flash back to Year of Hell when Janeway has the busted up ship. She's making irrational decisions, often immoral ones, and acting generally crazy. More so than Ransom in this episode.

Yet in this one she's all holier than thou, I must hunt you down and kill you... torture your crew to find you... because you betrayed humanity's values. It's absurd.

If Janeway had happened across those combustible space slugs while the Krenim were systematically killing her crew, I think she would've used them to get away and save the lives of her crew. I'm sure Ransom was in a similar situation when he used it("immanent destruction") And once you're on that slippery slope, it's easy to fall down.

I'm not saying Ransom did the right thing, but neither did Janeway, and I can't say she's so much better when she was willing to kill Tuvix to save the lives of two of her own crew members she happened to like more. Oh and was willing to kill Mr blueshirt if he didn't betray his captain.
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