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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Thanks for the kind words, Harvey, Psion and roger1999. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually cares about this kind of stuff, so it's good to have confirmation that some people find it interesting or useful.

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...for me unskilled editing is the biggest impediment to the suspension of disbelief needed to enjoy any video or movie...
I'm reminded of a comment made by my former editor (of a magazine for which I wrote) commenting that desktop publishing (and I paraphrase) "gives people the power of a printing press without any of the training", with a lot of really ugly results. This is true of almost anything. For better or worse, most fan filmmakers have only the most rudimentary idea of how to make films and very few actually do even the most basic homework that would drastically improve their productions. To be fair, it's not always obvious where to start, and a lot of "hot to" books are badly written and chock full of filler.

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P.S. Is your avatar Wallace Beery?
Yup. That's him in The Lost World.
I was pretty sure it was, but I couldn't place the film. I love Beggars of Life (1928) so I immediately zeroed in on that face.
On the subject of editing, is there anything more distracting than when you have two shots in a row from the same camera, which have obviously been filmed at different times, and yet the editor chooses to put them together? This isn't something that I've seen in any fan film (although I'm sure it's happened), but in professional productions.
That's a worst-case example of a jump cut. What it means is the editor either didn't have anything to cut to, or the editor is untrained an idiot.
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