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I can't imagine a better place to post this than here:

Imagine living through the post-Golden Age of science fiction and fantasy. What would it be like to experience this journey at the plodding, one day per day pace?

Galactic Journeys is a blog written from the point of view of someone living in the past writing about then-contemporary science fiction and fantasy, particularly fiction found in magazines.

Where did this come from? In 2009, I embarked on a chronological tour of my voluminous science fiction digest collection at a pace mirroring the march of time, but delayed 55 years. Thus, in February 2009, I began reading the April editions of the magazines I have in my collection.

After four and a half years at this entertaining project, it dawned upon me that I might enjoy sharing the experience with others. I've tried to capture the feel of the time. It helps that I'm a professional historian with an emphasis on the late 50's/early 60's.

If you like it, do let me know!
Your time machine to 55 years ago, day by day: The Space Race and science fiction!
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