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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just played The Breech on tribble. It involves taking out a HUGE Voth Fortress Ship.

Part 1 plays very much like Sisko using the Mirror-Defiant to attack Mirror-Worf's huge ship in Shattered Mirror. Kinetic Cutting Beam is a very useful for taking out hard points.

Parts 2-5 play out inside the interior of the Fortress Ship. Initially, the ship's layout can be a little confusing. But after a couple of play-throughs, you will know where to go. Big ships with slow turn rates may have some difficulty flying around inside the Fortress Ship. Voth cruiser's Barrier Field are a nuisance. Flanking attacks on them is the key, which means either a high speed, fast turn rate cannon escort or a ship with 360 degrees weapon coverage.

Notes for Part 4: Primary Power Core has 2 rotating shield that makes it immune to damage. Cannon users are screwed since you'll have to repeatedly move and turn the ship to get your cannons in the right position to fire. Broadsiders would probably have a much easier time by moving in big circle around the power core.
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