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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

I guess I binge watched it over 5-6 days the first time, and then I took my time to re-watch it when I started my reviews.

I'm sure in September I did it a third time, and just recently I watched parts of a couple eps after a good month "layoff".

Now... lets compare this to STAR TREK VOYAGER when it was released on first run.

It would play on a Wednesday night and by Sunday I would have watched each ep at least FOUR times.


Since I taped the shows, and had to hand them off on Monday to various friends who didn't get the station, I wouldn't get to see them again for a good week or two.

This obsession occurred even though, in the entire 7 year run of the show, Janeway NEVER kissed Chakotay even once!

I remember complaining / laughing in either a Voyager thread or my Xena thread, that Xena had kissed the comic relief Joxer more times in season 2 than Janeway kissed Chakotay in the complete 7 year series.

Speaking of Chakotay... Robert Beltran is supposedly coming to Boston in 2014, with Tim Russ.

I now know what I'm going to be doing the third weekend of June next year.
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