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I donīt think, that itīs a very fair comparison. Firstly, the two movies are from completely different times, have been made for completely different audiences and used completely different filmmaking and special effects techniques. And secondly, many of us have seen TWOK dozens of times in the 30 years itīs been around; STID is brand new and just canīt be that much an integral part of anyoneīs personal Trek universe.

That being said, I enjoy both movies very much, each for different reasons. So initially, I wanted to vote for both of them. But seeing how far TWOK is ahead in this poll, I decided to give my vote to STID - to even things out a little

Yup, TWoK is going to have a lot more personal meaning to most of the board. I first watched it back in the late 80's and have seen it more times than I remember. I've only seen STID a few times and that's only this year.

But then, the thread title and it's "Versus" wasn't particularly fair either. As you mentioned, comparing films 30 years apart made by two different groups of people with entirely different casts doesn't make for a sound comparison.

But I still went with "both" as honestly I love both.
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