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Re: Batman: Arkham 3

Playing on PS3 and they've switched the controls around a bit. Namely, the detective vision and batarang are switched. Batman Arkham have always been a combination of rhythm and combat. Switching the two is really throwing me off. I'm at my second assasin too, and I would've liked to see some new tricks and gadgets in Batman's arsenal. I think I'll get them later on since we started with explosive gel, remote batarang and smoke. Although I do play COD, I don't play Assassins Creed and Sports games all that much. I like the graphics. The colors here seem to be more muted than AA & AC and it's really helping to make everything look less cartoony. I don't know if it's a PS3 thing or a game thing, but I've noticed severe frame rate dips in more than a few places.

Still withholding judgement at the moment, but this definitely doesn't live up to the quality of a Rocksteady game, but I am enjoying it so far.

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