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Re: Could there be a most attractive DS9 male?

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For some reason, the Cardassian makeup, amongst the heavier applications, was very forgiving. Almost all the women were very attractive in spite of the makeup, IMO.

Dukat, though, seems to be a special case. He still remained handsome in spite of the creepy obsessions of his character. Marc Alaimo deserves major credit for his performance.
I think Kira was very good looking in the episode where she got turned in a Cardassian, while we're on the subject. I mean, she's good looking anyway, but I mean that wasn't ruined by the makeup at all.

But yes, I think Marc Alaimo was born to play a Cardassian.

I mean, Damar was all right, too, but he's such a dull character for a lot of the series.
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