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Re: "Hide and Q" is still an amazing episode!!

If by amazing the OP meant Amazingly bad, I could agree...

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Romulan_spy wrote:
The moral of the episode is powerful that humans need to evolve at our own pace so that our emotional, spiritual progress matches our technological progress.
What does that even mean? We have technology that creates food out of thin air and medical technology that can literally bring people back to life (which we have in today's world) AND erase selective bits of memory. When Riker wants to bring a girl back to life, everyone says no because... she needed to die?
BillJ wrote: View Post doesn't handle the subject matter nearly as well as Where No Man Has Gone Before.

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I don't think power necessarily corrupts, but I do think a good chunk of what we consider 'moral behavior' is the result of the fact that if we do not behave that way somebody will hurt us or take away our privileges. We can not exercise power over anybody we want because they have power to strike back us. Any exercise of power against somebody who has no power to defend themselves from it is an offensive act. If Riker had the power of the Q he'd apply his own values to them, and in doing so he would be forcing his will on other people.

Your response to that might be, what if he only uses it defensively, like to save that little girl's life? In the insular case, if it's only that little girl's life, there's no reason not to. What if he made a rule of that behavior, saving anybody whose life was ever in danger? How does he decide who gets to be saved and who doesn't? Unless he does so with everybody and effectively negates mortality for the entire universe, he will be applying them selectively to the people he values more, creating a major advantage for people who go along with his own values over those who do not.

One person with absolute power is simply not capable of deciding what's best for everyone. Otherwise Communism would work.

I would even say, the only way to morally use the powers of the Q is to lose all emotional attachment to mortals.
This post did make me re-evaluate for a minute...
...Nah, still find it boring, badly executed and without any redeeming features.
One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in... some sort of spaceship.
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