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Understated Humor

One of the things I liked about TNG is the subtlety with which they could handle humor. "Second Chances" is on BBC America right now, and I just found myself getting all warm and fuzzy and missing the show after a funny moment. Riker, Tom Riker, Worf and Data are playing poker. They're going around betting and drawing cards after the initial deal. Data takes two, Riker decides to play the ones he has...Worf...takes 4. A beat. They finish drawing, and it's another Round of bets. Tom Riker bets a modest 50 and BAM(!) Worf drops his cards, "Fold" he says quickly, and Data and Tom look at him for a beat. Both moments are brief and understated in an uncomfortable scene about the competitive relationship between the Rikers...and both just made me grin ear to ear. I miss this show. :/
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