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It was never conclusively established that Daniels's future was the same one we saw in TOS through VGR.
What about his final appearance? If the post-"Storm Front" timeline - meaning, the real Trek timeline - was any different from what Daniels knew to be true, he would have said something. (Daniels was always very gung-ho about making Archer fulfill his destiny, so if Daniels believed Archer still had work to do in changing the timeline to something Daniels would recognize, he would not have simply let Archer go.)
There's the little thing about Archer destroying the Delphic Expanse in 2153, when Daniels' history has it expanding for centuries until it fills the quadrant by the 2600's. Trek Prime is definitely not the same timeline he knew.

But who says it's the same Daniels as we saw earlier? We did see one explode in "Cold Front" and another die of rapid ageing in "Storm Front"
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