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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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They attacked the Malinche? Oh you mean that ship that was sent to hunt them down. How dastardly they defended themselves.
Starfleet had every right to send the Malinche after the Maquis. It was the Malinche's mission, written and carried out under the law. That's what a lot of people seem to be forgetting here.

To say that the Maquis were defending themselves against the Malinche (which is a non-starter on the face of it, since the Malinche's mission was not to destroy the Maquis, just capture them) is the moral equivalent of saying that a criminal has the "right" to defend himself against the police pursuing him. They are effectively the same, really: The Maquis are criminals, and the Federation is the law. That's the end of it, really.

You don't like the Federation? You don't like the treaty they signed? Fine. There are options. Work within the system. BE the system. Do not become terrorists. No one has the right to do that.

And here's another example: The Fugitive. A lot of people thought - correctly, as it turned out - that Richard Kimble was unjustly accused and that Inspector Gerard had no right to pursue him. But as Gerard himself pointed out, it is not his job to decide Kimble's guilt or innocence. Gerard is a police detective sent to hunt down and capture an escaped convict. Kimble may later argue his innocence in court, but he did not have the right to run from Gerard. That's a matter for the legal system to decide. SAME STORY HERE. Federation = Gerard; Maquis = Kimble. End of story.
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