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Re: Disconnect in Redemption (S04E26 + S05E01)

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In this 2 part episode they wanted to create a condition where the Klingon Empire was on friendly terms with BOTH the Federation and the Romulan Empires. They may have been going about this in a very duplicitous way, but after a fashion, it had the potential to bring peace between the three waring factions.
Incorrect. The Duras were interested only in an alliance with the Romulans. They had no interest whatsoever in peace with the Federation, something that they told Picard themselves if he tried to interfere with their ousting of Gowron.

Lighthammer wrote:
Gowran didn't exactly have a reputation for being exceedingly honorable.
True. But what does that have to do with the Duras?

Lighthammer wrote:
the Durass sisters made it pretty clear they didn't want the Federation as enemies
They weren't being honest with Picard. Every time a member of the Duras family appears in Star Trek, he or she is trying to do something that harms either the Federation or its allies.

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