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Re: Could there be a most attractive DS9 male?

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Cardassian division, pre-crazies Dukat.
It's hard to defend this position, even before he went nuts, but I did sort of have a crush on Dukat. Moreso the first time watching and early in the series, not so much in his Anjohl phase.
I never said Dukat was physically attractive, but his attitude matches the attitude of successful pickup artists. As a friend of mine put it, 'The combination of arrogance and humor creates a chemical reaction of attraction'. He was rich and powerful and makes use o what said friend called the 'see saw effect'. When you talk to somebody like they're better than you they unconsciously see you as inferior, when you talk to somebody like you're better than them they unconsciously see you as superior. That's why I think Dukat wins the Cardassian division.
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