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Re: Thor 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2013

Critics are rating it, some criticism but overall they rate it very favorable
Film Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’
In the end, that humorous approach is largely the film’s saving grace, keeping the action sufficiently lively and diverting that audiences won’t recognize how recycled the material is, or how low the stakes feel. Disposable as it may feel at the end of the day, “Thor: The Dark World” is not without a certain pleasing deftness, from its goofily offhand way of finding scientific explanations for blatantly supernatural phenomena, to the blithe ease with which it sends its characters hopscotching from one dimension to the next. This latter motif succeeds in turning film’s climactic showdown into a playful exercise in physical displacement, shot and edited with a bit more coherence than the typical f/x orgy of exploding buildings. And a few neat twists throughout hinge on the Asgardians’ talent for shapeshifting, which functions here like the magical equivalent of characters peeling off latex masks a la “Mission: Impossible.”
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