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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

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So your point is that it was easier to write Trip and Phlox than Archer and therfore the Trip and Phlox roles were easier to act? My position is that the two actors made their roles look easier because of their abilities to create an maintain their characters' credibility no matter the scene.
My position is that playing Trip required proving that the character loved catfish, his sister, warp engines, and upon occasion, T'Pol. Every now and then, he needed to nod along with the suspicion of Vulcans. Playing Archer required expressing the frustration of humanity, being doctrinaire, making speeches about policy and diplomacy, feeling inadequacy, striking a heroic pose, being angry that his agency is constantly usurped by people from the future, and do everything in a way that suggested some great future was ahead without sounding too much like Kirk or Picard. It's a complicated role that another actor may have proven better at, and I recognize that Bakula has his limits. However, Archer and Trip aren't comparable roles.
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