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Re: Matt Smith would have stayed...

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However one positive of this is that Smith IS leaving. Am I the only one who has become utterly fed up with Smith? I can't wait to see the back of him. His whole era has just been breaks in the middle of series, badly written series finale's, and underwhelming episodes in general. It's time to say good bye. At long last. And thank god.
wow, you really are an idiot... Moffat will still be running the show and BBC will still be paying for it's production so expect the breaks and badly written episodes to continue long after Smith until The Moff is shown the door.
Well once Smith is gone, at least we won't have a doctor who won't shut up about bow ties and hats, jumps around and shouts, talks at about 1000 miles and hour speed, and a lot of his personality based on a previous doctor, and after a few minutes drives me fucking insane.
Let me tell you about a man named David Tennant...

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