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Re: High-Res First Doctor in "Day of the Doctor" Trailer: How?

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And while it's not the fault of the actors, I do think there was sort of a haphazard mindset behind the casting during the JNT era. It seemed like the mindset was less about finding the best actor and more about deliberately finding actors who contrasted with their predecessors.
Unlike Tom Baker - Jon Pertwee?
I could be wrong, but I'm not aware of "Lets find an actor totally the opposite of Jon Pertwee" being a major motivation in Tom Baker's casting. In fact, it kind of seems like Tom Baker's bonkers portrayal was as much of a surprise to the production team as it was to anyone else. Terrance Dicks said that he wrote the 4th Doctor a bit wacky in "Robot" but just intended for it to be a brief period of post-regeneration wackyness, not the regular thing that Tom Baker turned it into.
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