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Re: Sleeping on the Enterprise

Half-naked is not naked enough, IMO.
I'm not really complaining about the women, but I do find the women's attire in the other shows a bit more work-appropriate. And I'm just disappointed that Kirk takes his shirt off every five minutes and Spock doesn't.

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Worst use of 'off-time' ever.

In Tholian Web---they are in middle of crisis with only a very short time until they are forever trapped and also the space is making them go mad.

Then 2/3 of the way thru Uhura goes 'off-duty' changes to a nightgown just in time to see Kirk's apparition in her quarters and run thru the hall and bump into McCoy. Then of course as soon as that incident is over---she is back on duty for the rest of the crisis.

Yeah, it must have been really restful tied down in sick bay fearing your were going to end up insane like Chekov.

Worst use of ---"hey can you ever show my character off the bridge?"-----ever.
Haha, I just watched that episode again on Netflix. Not sure if it was the worst, but it was kinda dumb and I wondered what the point was.
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