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Re: Matt Smith would have stayed...

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According to a friend of mine who read the leaked e-mail about Doctor Who's future that forced the BBC to prematurely announce Matt's departure, the BBC plans no break in series 8. This is second-hand and I can't confirm its veracity, so take it with a grain of salt. I personally think the BBC would be making an enormous mistake to split series 8 between autumn 2014 and spring 2015. A great deal of momentum behind the series has been lost the last two years.
For the audience to properly take to Capaldi's Doctor he deserves at least a full, uninterrupted first series in order to silence the 'he's too old and unattractive to be the Doctor' brigade of the fan base (I use the term fan very loosely).

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Can I ask, is there really an animosity between Smith and Moffat, as its been lead to be talked about, thus leaving earlier than he would've? I don't really buy into that, but since you know of the mail and stuff, I thought I'd ask you.
There were some ridiculous rumors floating around GB not too long ago about a bust up but in the more recent interviews they have nothing but kind words for eachother.
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