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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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The problem is they never made the Maquis "bad" enough for the fans to understand the obsession with hunting them down.

They left the Federation, but did not attack it, IIRC.
They attacked the USS Malinche. True, they didn't destroy it, but they still attacked it.

And T'Unspeakable is absolutely correct: the Maquis were poised to reignite the Federation/Cardassian war. Their actions were a direct threat to a very fragile peace.
They attacked the Malinche? Oh you mean that ship that was sent to hunt them down. How dastardly they defended themselves.

Certainly it was the Maquis who were threatening the peace and not the actions of the Cardassians. They would never do anything like forcing a war that draws every major power in the quadrant into it.
Yes, the ship hunting down renegade Federation colonist using stolen Federation tech to cause raids in Cardassian occupied space. You know, space now belonging to Cardassians.

So yeah, they get hunted down for that. They get hunted down for nearly starting a war .

Where they oppressed, yup. Where they wronged, yup.

But they had options.

They could have moved. They could have , but they chose not to. They chose to fight for their home.

Is it noble, yup . But what did they expect, they knew what the Cardassian military where like. They where told the space belonged to Cardassia , and they stayed.

So feeling abandoned ( which they where ) they fought. And nearly started a war. And stole from the Federation , and attacked other Cardassian colonists.

You can't point the finger at the Cardarsian Military because it was their space as per the treaty. The actions taken by the disgruntled colonist and the Federation officers that flocked to their banner reflected on the Federation. So yeah ,they came after them.

They came after them to keep the peace. They came after them for threatening a treaty, for stealing Federation supplies. They came after them.

Was it fair, no . But in Ds9 we where showed in reality the Federation is flawed, to keep the peace they screwed the colonist over.

As for Sisko tactics, if the Marquis hadn't given him the idea then they don't get to bitch about it. As for Sisko obsession with Edington, well we all got flaws. Sisko does not take betrayal well, and Edington belives his cause is just and above reproach. The Marquis are determined to fight a battle that need not be fought and the Federation buys into its own Utopian viewpoint.
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