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Re: Most Attractive Male

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I find it very interesting, that women often "connect" most with Spock, when in real life they tend to accuse men of not showing enough feelings and emotions. This is not supposed to be any sexist remark, just my personal observation
Well, women aren't all alike, anymore than men are. I'm a therapist in real life, and I see a lot of adults who were physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as children. Most of those women had fathers who expressed plenty of emotion -- it's just that that emotion was all negative.

Spock isn't subject to violent rages, which makes him safe in a way that many human men are not. Women who've been victimized by angry men are often drawn to Spock.

That's not to say that's the only reason why women are drawn to him or even the major one; it's just one that my experience as a therapist has led me to notice.

Like nureintier, I think Spock is perfect the way he is, and like her, I think he had plenty of emotions; it's just that you have to know how to read him. Some of us are happy to study the man in depth and in detail so as to be able to read him.
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