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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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The problem is they never made the Maquis "bad" enough for the fans to understand the obsession with hunting them down.

They left the Federation, but did not attack it, IIRC.
They attacked the USS Malinche. True, they didn't destroy it, but they still attacked it.

And T'Unspeakable is absolutely correct: the Maquis were poised to reignite the Federation/Cardassian war. Their actions were a direct threat to a very fragile peace.
They attacked the Malinche? Oh you mean that ship that was sent to hunt them down. How dastardly they defended themselves.

Certainly it was the Maquis who were threatening the peace and not the actions of the Cardassians. They would never do anything like forcing a war that draws every major power in the quadrant into it.
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