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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Know how it works, it's just dumb Which is why W/L record really isn't much of a useful metric, despite people getting excited about 20 wins or a .500 record or whatever.

Lackey had a mediocre W/L this year, but was near the tops in his actual stats; he pitched pretty well. If you don't get your teams to score runs, you end up with a bad Loss record even with a good ERA, WHIP, etc. You can go 12 innings of shutout ball, leave with a guy on first, and end up taking the loss. On the other hand, a reliever can come into a game where his team is behind, give up MORE runs, and get a win when the offense scores a bunch the next inning. Kinda dumb.

Martinez deserved the win last night (or Salty/breslow, depending on how you want to look at it ) Wacha left while behind, and went from being on the hook when he left to getting the W. Don't really care about the stat part at the moment, more the narrative they now tell, where he's the hero that went out and got the win. His team was losing when he stopped pitching...
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