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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

LOL! I found this gem in related videos:

"I love you. Oh, it's gone."

By the way, I've reached Equinox! I didn't realize it was a 2-parter until the end, and I'm on the edge of my seat! Too bad I didn't have time to watch part 2 right away...

[EDIT]...And speaking of Picardo, the scene in Equinox with 2 holographic doctors...I just now realized, I never once thought about the fact that it was the same actor on the screen twice. That's one of the few times that's ever happened for me. Usually, I'm looking for technical errors in scenes like that, or bad acting, but it didn't occur to me here. That just goes to show you how a great script, direction, shooting, editing, and especially ACTING can bring you into the scene so much that you lose yourself in the story instead of looking for technical flaws.
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