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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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I just saw the movie.
I read your review, kirk55555. Strong stuff.

Do you know there's a message board here on the BBS that is great for this type of discussion. It's in a place called The Neutral Zone. Strong discussion, and a thread about STiD as well. I think you'd like it!

Go up to the top left-hand corner of this page to "User CP" and click. On that page, scroll down on the left-hand side for "Group Memberships" and click. Then click to join The Neutral Zone and you're in. It's that easy!

Hope to see you there, buddy!
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Oh this should go down well
I'm not wild about it, personally. A little too close to baiting for my liking.
"You could win a chance to come to the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, which
will be enormous fun, because we'll all get really smashed and wreck something."
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