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Re: "Hide and Q" is still an amazing episode!!

There were certainly some problems with the episode but I don't disagree with its moral message, that hearkens back to Kirk's "I like my pain!"

There's one episode of Twilight Zone where a man makes a deal with the devil that he gets eternal life in exchange for his eternal soul. And this deal comes with an escape clause, he can choose to die whenever he wants. He thinks, he's gotten away with something, he'll never go to hell so long as he never chooses to die. But in the end the condition of knowing you'll never die made his life so meaningless to him that he did more and more extreme things to try to feel something. He ended up getting a life sentence and using his escape clause.

There's another Twilight Zone episode where a gambler arrives in what he believes to be heaven. He is told he can have whatever he wants, whenever he wants. So he starts winning every hand at poker, impressing every woman he meets, and so on. In the end he gets really bored with winning because he knows for a fact he's going to win, and finds out that he's actually in hell, and his hell is getting whatever he wants whenever he wants it with no chance of failure.

Those two episodes sum up the moral message of Hide and Q, that our vulnerability and powerlessness, and the fight to create meaning for our lives are what make us who we are and give us meaning. That's why Riker turned down the powers at the end.

There's also the fact that if a person has absolute power, no matter how they exercise it or how noble a person they believe themselves to be, they can not do it without forcing their will on somebody and becoming a villain. Riker with Q powers would be like Gandalf with the ring.

It's not the best written episode, but the moral of the story is certainly not the problem.
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