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Re: Throwing the Ferengi out with the bath water?

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It's hard to take a bunch of bald, hunch-backed trolls as serious enemies.
What does bald and hunch-backed have to do with anything? Do they need hair and straight spines to be taken seriously? Do you not take Picard seriously because he's bald?
Nope. I just can't take bald people seriously, especially Picard. How can he lead without a full head of hair, and a strong manly beard?! By the way, are you bald?

Anyway, if they wanted the Ferengi to be hunch-backed, they should've developed a reason for them to be so. They're perfectly capable of standing erect, so why were they hunched over and jumping around like monkeys? What was the artistic value of the decision?

The baldness isn't the problem - it's the baldness combined with the hunch-backed, crazed-monkey jumping that was the problem. The Ferengi looked like giant ugly toddlers. Who could take them seriously as a threat?

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Also this reminds me of something I'd forgotten: I've never tasted gold, does it have a particular taste? Does it taste different than, say, aluminum?
It's not the taste, it's the hardness. Gold is soft. Notice that people, in TV or real life, don't lick the gold with their tongue (where tasting is really done), they bite it with their teeth. They're testing the hardness.
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