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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I don't think the ending was true to the characters. For one thing, Jack's sudden desire to display Jesse in chains was absurd.
Seemed perfectly in keeping with the character to me. Despite being a murdering neo-Nazi meth dealer, Jack has been shown to have an "honor among thieves" type mentality, with his dislike of the greed his partners displayed, his decision to leave $11 million of Walt's money behind for Walt to keep, and his need to make sure that he and Walt were "square" after the killing of Hank. Given that, I could easily see him taking the suggestion that he was partnering with a "rat" like Jesse as a personal affront from Walter and wanting to prove it wasn't true, and bringing Jesse in in shackles was a key part of that proof. Of course, Walt had read Jack like a book and knew that appealing to his vanity and sense of "honor" would provoke that response when his initial plan to get them on his side by offering methylamine failed and they were just going to kill him.
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