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Klingon High Council

Rewatching 'Way of the Warrior' put a question in my head about the Klingon High Council, and some vague memory in the back of my head insists it must have been answered somewhere in TNG, but for some reason Memory Alpha's info on the subject seems almost limited to things stated in DS9, so I thought I'd ask it here.

As I understand it, the Council is a very small, elite body of representatives from the Klingon Noble Houses, who have (I guess by strength) the right to collectively rule the Empire. Now, we've seen a lot of different noble houses, I believe, and the idea that High Council positions are often the result of ridiculous political intrigue would seem to confirm that there are only so many spots available on the council and each House has to fight to maintain its influence.

So my question is, considering how ridiculously small the House of Mogh is (is there anyone at all in the House of Mogh other than Worf and Kurn?), how could they possibly be able to achieve and maintain such a high position? Especially with Worf permanently out of the Empire... I know Gowron helped them get there, but there has to have been some kind of limit to how much political capital he could afford to spend keeping such a marginal House in power.
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