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"Hide and Q" is still an amazing episode!!

I just re-watched "Hide and Q" and I wanted to say that it is a fantastic TNG episode despite the fact that it looks a bit dated now of course. And, it is one of the most "trek" episodes in the way it uses science fiction to tackle issues of the human condition. Q is really just the vehicle to examine the concepts of how humans handle power and how gaining that power can carry with it a lot of baggage like arrogance and a superiority complex.

The moral of the episode is powerful that humans need to evolve at our own pace so that our emotional, spiritual progress matches our technological progress.

The whole scene where the crew reject Riker's "gifts" is a masterful scene. I especially love the slight look of pleasure on Picard's face because he is secretly pleased with how he has outsmarted Riker and Q. And when Riker says "I feel like such an idiot", I love Picard's quick stern "so you should!". Brilliant! The episode is really elevated by the great acting of both Patrick Stewart and John De Lancie. Q was at his best in this episode. He is devilish, mysterious, funny, and scary!

The episode also begs the question: is Q really just a "devil" trying to corrupt Riker or was he telling the truth that the Q admire humanity's thirst for knowledge? What were Q's true intentions?
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