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Agent Richard07
Re: Chloe Bennet: Babe of the Week #44 (Oct. 2013)

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She is so insanely gorgeous I can't even put it into words. Thumbs up.

Here's her other video…

Not as catchy as the first. I wonder what happened to her career as a pop star.

And here she is wandering Comic-Con in a Chewbacca robe…

"I bought a Chewbacca robe -- like a really big, fuzzy Chewbacca robe. I bought it to walk the floor as a disguise, so it's this big, floor-length Chewbacca robe. I bought it as a joke thinking I wouldn't wear it, but I wear it every day on set. [Laughs] I sleep in it. I go to hair and makeup in it. It's like a giant sleeping bag that you can wear, but you look like Chewbacca. It's a dream come true." - Source
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