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Star Trek's Data: Are there any similar characters out there?

Hey guys, I made a thread earlier asking for science-fiction blended with horror movies, and while I certainly appreciate all the suggestions, none of the responses seem to be what I'm looking for.

I want a movie or TV show where there is a completely logical character like Data from TNG who is trying to solve something that appears to be the work of the supernatural or fantasy like vampires and demons. I love the episode 'Genesis' from season 7 of TNG where Data works to solve something that seems impossible and how he uses his logical way of thinking to solve the problem. Or, even the episode 'Time's Arrow' where Data is thrown into an unfamiliar era and how he needs to first analyze his predicament, then come up with a solution and then finally carry out that solution.

Also, in the movie 'Lost in Space' I love how the robot is exploring the spacecraft that's infested with those alien spiders and says "I'm detecting motion." Or, even something like the movie 'Prometheus' where the android David works to solve the problems they encounter. The episode 'Self-Made Man' from the Sarah Connor Chronicles was awesome, too. I really love how, like Data, the T-888 is sent back in time and he needs to try to logically come up with a solution to his difficult predicament. I find it great how he doesn't moan and complain and he accepts his situation and goes about solving it. I love the aspect of how he's a rugged individual.

I'd love to see something related to time travel like the two examples I just gave.

Are there any TV shows or movies that match this criteria?

Thank you!
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