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Re: What Are You Wearing?

I just love that dress, that print is just so unbelievably cute! It goes nicely with the vest (it's a vest right?) too!

I like that color in your hair TSC, you almost look like a character from an anime show with it because you have like huge eyes!

and red highlights, you should totally go for that Iguana! In the right shade that would go real nice with your hair color. it's also an option btw to dye your hair with blond highlights and use a color red you could wash out yourself. That's what I did with blue and purple.

Today I'm wearing my usual indoors cloths: grey sweatpants, longsleeve shirt and my tiger sweater. I started work at 7 this morning so I was too tired to put anything else on although it's still pretty early. Oh well, tomorrow maybe!

It's getting kinda annoying now though, due to us renovating the house we currently have nowhere to put our cloths. It's been like this for like months now and I'm sick of it. I just can't find half of my cloths and I don't take much time anymore to dress. I tend to just throw on a random shirt and jeans. Such a shame, I have so many nice cloths!
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