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Re: Most Attractive Male

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I find it very interesting, that women often "connect" most with Spock, when in real life they tend to accuse men of not showing enough feelings and emotions. This is not supposed to be any sexist remark, just my personal observation
I can explain that: I have mild Asperger's and SPD, both of which cause me to not have much emotional affect, and to sort of dislike much display of emotion in other people. Heck, I wish more men in real life were more like Spock.

I'm not suggesting the same is true of anyone else.

Actually, I read a blog on that topic recently, and it suggested a lot of women might like Spock because they see him as a "project" and want to change him, or because it would make them feel special to be with a guy who barely even looks at women most of the time (as in, they'd be the one special person who would cause him to feel all mushy).

I don't feel that way, though; I think Spock is perfect the way he is. I wouldn't want to change him.

Since my friend that yells at me for calling Spock "unemotional" is not on this board, I'll say what he'd say: that Spock displays emotions all the time, just not to the extent that many others do because he can repress them, and in any case, he doesn't do as many stupid things because he's in an overly-emotional state. He certainly gets obviously irritated enough in the series, and that's a feeling. He acts patronizing and often proud of his Vulcan heritage. Compared to someone like Data in TNG, he actually quite emotional.

(Makes me think of a Facebook post I saw recently asking what ST species you are most like, and something like 40% of people chose "Vulcan." There were a lot of comments saying that couldn't possibly be true, or that everybody with autism came out just to vote on that poll.)

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