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Re: Nemesis - An Idea I Would've Liked To Have Seen

NEMESIS is just "OK." The only part I really despise is Shinzon's drawn-out introduction, where he rants on about what a hot cougar Troi is. I always skip over that conceit.

I despise the inept parallel between Picard and Data with their both having duplicates in the same movie. Both of which have origins that John Logan was too incompetent to invent and whose introduction to eachother strains all credibility: one clone just happens to conveniently find the other's on a convenient planet.

The Reman and Romulan makeups look ... bad. The only unforgivable flaw is how the lighting favours the backgrounds instead of flattering the cast. They are allowed to haggard ... even old ... and this includes the girls. I find that totally unacceptable, when they are meant to appear glamorous. Otherwise, NEMESIS is not quite hateful enough for me to completely despise it. It just had the wrong priorities and deserves to have failed at the box office.

P.S. I love the Argo. Love ... it ... !!! What a sweet ride ...
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