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ENTER: Voyager Avatar Contest "Bliss"

Welcome to the latest Voyager forum avatar contest! First up the winners from the last contest.

Episode: "Year of Hell" > Akiraprise

Voy Theme: "7 of 9" > GoRe Star

Rdm Theme: "Great Art" > Akiraprise & GoRe Star

Congrats to the winners of the Golden Neelix!


This weeks contest focuses on these categories.
  1. Episode: "Bliss"
  2. Voy Theme: "Mess Hall Delights" Anything related to the mess hall be it Neelix's cooking, resulting sickbay visits, the witty banter or the all nighters.
  3. Rdm Theme: "Dogs"
The Rules:
Avatars must conform to board guidelines. The maximum size of your image can be 150 by 150 pixels, 140.0 KB, static, or animated. The Voy Theme must be from the show while the Rdm can be from anything. Contest will be open until we get at least 5 entrants. Good luck!
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