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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antares.
B is for the fake Bolian in "Allegiance".
C is for Canamar.
D is for the Dungeons, black cats, and witches of "Catspaw". Trick or treat. Indeed.
E is for the Enterprise's legendary name throughout history.
F is for Farius Prime.
G is for Gorn warships.
H is for Hasperat. Bajoran burrito.
I is for the Iyaarans.
J is for Jadzia Dax. Hottest Trill ever.
K is for Koloth, adversary of James T. Kirk and friend of Curzon Dax.
On Halloween Night the Great Temporal Pumpkin rises out of his chroniton patch and flies through space with his bag of new timelines for all the children.

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