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Nemesis - An Idea I Would've Liked To Have Seen

This is an idea that has just this moment come to me, so I don't have it all worked out, but I think it could have made Nemesis a far grander, and lot more involved, plot (without featuring dune buggies or Data 2.0).

From the beginning of the film, have it that the crew of the E-E have already been divided up: Riker and Troi are already married (this could be seen in a flashback at the very start) and onboard the Titan, Worf is still on Qo'noS, Crusher is now in charge of an key department of Starfleet Medical, whilst Picard, Data and La Forge are still all still on the E-E.

The film would then have three distinct plots, that the crew would follow. These plots seem quite separate but are actually connected (of course). I don'thave all of these worked out, but one could be a mission to Romulus, another would be involve an important Federation world (not Earth), and the other would be a medical crisis on the Klingon Homeworld, bad enough the Empire asks the UFP for help, so Beverly and Worf team up try and solve the mystery.

Everything going on in the film is being orchestrated by an extremist group on Romulus, who are tired of the peace that followed after the Dominion War and want to strike at their enemies. This group include Sela and the clone of Picard she had made (using a DNA sample she sneakily collected in "Redemption"), but this clone will be played by Patrick Stewart.

Of course things come to a head and the TNG crew are back together (though not all on the same ship), as they fight to stop the separatist group from executing their plan.

At the end, during the showdown between Picard and his clone, I thought it'd be a nice twist to leave it ambiguous as to whether or not it was the real Picard who was rescued in the nick of time or not--leave an air of mystery and the fans wanting a little more (rather than coming out the cinema thing, WTF was that?).

Anyways, that's just a thought I had on the film.
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