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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Some actors can rise above badly-written material. Some can't.
Meh. I don't think even Meryl Streep could have made Uhura's "time-for-me-to-be-the-bitchy-girlfriend-on-the-commando-mission" scene sing any better than Zoe Saldana did, personally. If the writing is in a register or genre that I can't really stand, it can be a pretty steep order to make it entertaining.

A lot also boils down to expectations. If I'm expecting pure-pulp camp, I can forgive a lot -- not everything, but a lot -- that would irritate me in a different genre. James Earl Jones' Thulsa Doom from Conan would be inexcusably corny horseshit in a historical drama, but in pulp he can work... precisely because I've been set up to expect it. Likewise if a kung fu movie has a barely serviceable plot, who cares? I'm there for the kung fu. If some kind of plot happens that isn't visibly a retread of Enter the Dragon, it just gets added points.

So I can agree with this:

It certainly doesn't add up to what I'd expect of something calling itself Star Trek.
... because what partially harshes my buzz on JJTrek is precisely that it's pretty much pure-pulp science fantasy. The JJTrek films, had they been sold as Star Wars films, would actually have really impressed me. Or not, but at least would not have hit any glaring false notes. Sure they would still have had flubber-physics and absurdly compressed relationships and flimsy plots... but with Star Wars that was already part of the deal. It's pure pulp, for all the Joseph Campbell horseshit they later tried to wrap it in; it was always in the same register as Doc Smith's Lensmen.

Whereas with Trek, while we've seen Trek be everything from outright goofy to comedic to compelling and dramatic to action-oriented to one-bad-attempt-at-imitating-Kubrick... we've never seen it just being pure pulp. Some people can make the leap to just straight enjoying it as such -- and most especially general audiences can, which is what has always made SW a license to print money no matter how shitty it got (and no wonder the brand's owners wanted their slice of all that sweet, sweet money). Others, not so much.
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