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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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The difference is that Logan's Run did an excellent job with their characters.

The Abrams movie actors did the opposite.
I dunno, I wouldn't harsh on the actors: they very clearly dig their characters and want to do a good job and sell the heck of what they're working with. I'd actually love to see Pine's Kirk in something less pulpy; inhabiting the role of Kirk without doing a Shatner impression but still making the character recognizable is no mean feat, and he largely pulls it off. For me it's more a question how the characters are written.
Some actors can rise above badly-written material. Some can't.

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Timewalker, I guess here's why I'm confused. This--
Timewalker wrote: View Post
The difference is that Logan's Run did an excellent job with their characters.
--makes it sound like you'd have no problem with a reboot if done right. But this--
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Carrying over continuity from the old series would just shackle the new creative team to something that has nothing more to offer creatively.
In that case, why bother to call it Star Trek?
--makes it sound like no reboot would be acceptable to you.
You seem to be trying to pin me down into 100% one or the other.

I don't mind a good reboot. The Logan's Run TV series was close enough to the book and movie and the actors were good enough as Logan and Jessica to make it work.

Or take Shakespeare. Some people thought Kenneth Branagh was godawful arrogant to even dream of doing Henry V, considering that Laurence Olivier had already done it. But Branagh did it right. It's an excellent period movie, and so enjoyable that even my grandmother loved it - and she had never seen any Shakespeare before in her life.

Or consider First Knight (starring Sean Connery, Julia Ormond, and Richard Gere). This is a movie about King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot... and there's not a hint of Merlin, Mordred, Morgan, or any magic whatsoever. The knights are there, the round table is indeed round, everyone's concerned with honor and chivalry... but there's no supernatural stuff. It's quite refreshing to me, although I'm sure there are people who hate it for the exact reasons I love it.

Now take Abrams' version of Star Trek. It doesn't work for me. It's some combination of the writing, the acting, the actors themselves, the overabundance of telling instead of showing, along with reliance on special effects and explosions to move the story forward... A good story is more than having people recite lines and hit the plot points. For me this stuff just doesn't add up to a good story. It certainly doesn't add up to what I'd expect of something calling itself Star Trek.
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