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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"


Some of your questions might be answered by the following passage.

************************************************** ************

Ready Room
USS Baltimore
Three Days Later…

“You can’t be serious?” Captain Ottah asked, his semi-simian features scrunched in disbelief.

Captain Thelius frowned, not used to not being taken at his word. “I trust my Science Officer,” he sharply replied. “She would not lie about what she heard from her counterpart aboard the Ariane.” The intercept group had been traveling together, at a cruising speed of Warp 8, in an attempt to catch up with the fast moving Kothlis’Ka armada. The arrangement had allowed the ships to continue refining the experimental thoron shielding in addition to their battle plans.

Ottah shook his head, unable to digest the magnitude of what Thelius had revealed to him. “Subspace weapons?” The man eventually said, more to himself than the Andorian. “That would violate everything we stand for.”

“It appears that Commander Rhizzo would rather deal with that at her court martial,” Thelius said, unwilling to empathize with or soft pedal the woman’s motivations. He leaned back in his chair and forced himself to be quiet and let the Edoan’s mind process the truth. Though Ottah leaned forward, in Thelius’s direction, his yellow eyes were lightyears away. Eventually the man’s gaze refocused on Thelius and now Ottah’s saturnine expression nearly matched the Andorian’s.

“And Captain Tanaka is on board with this?” Ottah asked, his longish face falling.

“Yes,” Thelius nodded, “It makes sense,” the Andorian added.

“How so?” Ottah asked; still not ready to completely accept that which was plainly obvious.

“The Kothlis’Ka nearly destroyed K’mpec, murdering thirteen of their crew, including the first officer,” Thelius replied. “I’m surprised that it wasn’t Tanaka that brewed this idea.”

“Are you certain that this isn’t a mistake, that these weapons aren’t being created as a last resort?” Ottah asked.

“I don’t doubt the veracity of what my Science Officer reported to me,” Thelius kept his temper in check. He hated repeating himself. “Plus we conducted our own surreptitious scans and detected elevated isolytic build up…concentrated in each ship’s weapons banks.”

The Andorian paused to savor Ottah’s stunned expression at that hammer blow. He had been holding it back until he was certain he could trust the Edoan, and by the man’s crestfallen countenance, Thelius knew that Ottah had no foreknowledge of this scheme to use banned weapons against the Kothlis’Ka armada.

“My gods,” was all that Ottah could muster.

“Even if this was a doomsday scenario plan, it would still violate the Khitomer Accords,” Thelius added.

“Yes, it would,” Ottah said, stroking his pointed chin. “And that would only make things worse.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Thelius nodded in affirmation.

“Do you think that Captain Erasia is aware of this plot?” Ottah asked.

“It’s true that Edoans are telepathic then?” Thelius asked, “Because you must have just read my mind.” Ottah chuckled.

“I think you’re getting us confused with the Triexians,” the man said. “Don’t worry, it happens all the time.”

“I don’t know if Captain Erasia has endorsed this disastrous idea or not,” Thelius said, all levity drained from his voice. He stared portentously at Ottah, before adding, “But there’s only one way to find out.”
************************************************** *************
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