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stone knives, bearskins & shuttlecraft

Before the 1980s closed, and the internet was born, I drew and sold a set of TOS shuttle plans which enlarged the exterior to contain the interior set as shown.

Not much to look at by contemporary standards, my blues ( were a combination of painstaking study of video, photos, & the Trek Photonovels, as well as a few arbitrary decisions in terms of resolving the unresolvable (front window height, door placement, etc.). The route I took was to enlarge the exterior the minimum extent required to contain the set, which of necessity raised the nacelle footstep and door "porch" so high boarding would put crewmembers' thighs horizontal...but easy access isn't a feature of business jets either...

What I now relate is not meant as bragging, but rather reported with a sense of absolute dumbfoundment.

Last night, I came upon the following statement:

"An interesting reveal in the recent Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol. 26 issue. There's a pic showing the inside of the 22ft. shuttlecraft mock-up...Another little nugget gleaned from the magazine is a comment from Lynne Miller (then owner of the mock-up) from several years back when Gary Kerr had an opportunity to take some measurements and photographs of the mock-up during restoration. Apparently Lynne stated that Matt Jefferies had told her the 22ft. mock-up was built to 3/4 scale. If taken literally then that would mean the "real" shuttlecraft was supposed to be 29-1/3ft. long."

Curious, I applied my plans' scalebar to my shuttle...and got the exact length cited by Jeffries.

I may be insufferably pleased with myself for about a week.
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