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Re: Most Attractive Male

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Haha, that must be it; I'm a tortured introvert, so I was more attracted to Spock. I mean, I admit that Kirk was pretty, but I dunno, he just did nothing for me.
Same here! I can recognize that Kirk was pretty, but he's just ... not my type. Spock, on the other hand, has been my type for forty years.

I mostly like Spock because of who he IS, but I also love his looks. Those amazing cheekbones, those expressive eyes*, those well-shaped lips, those elegant ears and elegantly upswept eyebrows. Pardon me while I go swoon.

nureintier wrote: View Post
I have a life size poster of Spock on the transporter pad. ^_^
I have a poster of Spock bent over the science station on the bridge.

*For someone who was supposed to be cool and unemotional, Spock had very expressive eyes. For example, during the confrontation with Decker during "The Doomsday Machine," I was sure we were about to hear that there was such a thing as the Vulcan Death Glare. Mr. Nimoy sure can act.
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