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Re: Matt Smith would have stayed...

*Pertwee - His own man really, if I had to choose, closer to Hartnel than Troughton as in the fact that Pertwee was a mentor and grandfatherly figure like Hartnel.
*Baker - A hint of Troughton, but more adventurous, and more crazy!
*Davison - A tiny bit of all of the first three doctors, but not Troughton in particular. Yet again, if I had to choose, a tiny bit more like Hartnel than Troughton. But yet again, he was his own man. Sensitive, young, handsome.
*C.Baker - More Hartnel than anything, although maybe a pinch or two of Troughton also. But again, almost his own man,
*McCoy - Yeah, okay, I'd say half and half of Troughton and T. Baker but with ore mystery.
*McGann - Fully his own man. If anything, in his later Audio stories he based himself more or less on the ninth doctor, which Is actually a future incarnation. Real fucked up, right. :P
*Ecclestion - Yet again his own man, maybe with hints of all eight previous doctors. he had a romantic side, so maybe a bit on the eight doctor. (funny how 8&9 seem to be based on each other. :P)
*Tennant - More Tom Baker than anything, maybe with hints of Troughton, but more T Baker. But still his own man to a degree.
*Smith - Almost a younger version of Troughton with bits of Tom Baker, William Hartnel, Sylvester McCoy and even Colin Baker thrown in. But more Troughton than anything, not really his own man at all. probably the first doctor to almost completely base himself on past doctors and only put a bit of his flavour on it.
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