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Re: McCoy's Gorn Statement

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I would say they didn't care about trying to be consistent with the game. An earlier scene blatantly disregards to comics, so why not the game too?

I don't get the game's take on the Gorn anyway. Mainly because Enterprise is still meant to be part of the Abramsverse's history and the Gorn were mentioned in Enterprise. Yes, even in the Prime Universe, the episode Bound if you're wondering.
Well, I'd still have to ask why Khan looks completely different since apparently nothing should have been changed prior to Nero arriving. Also, to some degree, Klingons.

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I remember a quote from McCoy saying something about how he delivered Gorn octuplets in Into Darkness. I don't remember if he actually did that in the game or not. Anyone?
During the Spelunking level on the Gorn-occupied planet, McCoy mentions via communicator that their camp site was attacked by a group of Gorn civilians. One of the Gorn turned out to be a pregnant female, who went into labor after being stunned. Bones says he had to perform an emergency c-section, and says the newborns "Almost took my hand off!"

This dovetails with the fact that Gorn morphology is pretty elaborate in the game; there are five or six subspecies/subtypes (enemy classes, basically) one of which is actually a feathered female. They have varying degrees of intelligence and it's implied in the background material that only the officer classes are even sentient, the rest are basically just trained monkeys with over-amped aggression responses.
Awesome! Much thanks on that.
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