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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

Haha, yeah I don't see Damar and Garak together. I remember the first time I read about how Andrew Robinson said Garak is just attracted to "attractive people," perhaps regardless of gender, and I was relieved because I really did read him that way. I was sort of confused when he was checking out Ziyal, you know, I thought he only had eyes for Bashir.

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It is and always has been about power and reliving the glory days to Dukat. He makes it known from the pilot episode on that he misses the office and longs for the days he was overseeing Bajor. Kira represents so many things that he desires. I think there is an obvious sexual attraction but she is that nostalgic conquest that would allow him to have that feeling of power over not only Kira, but what she represents. Her resistance only makes him want it more.
Yeah, I'm sure it would be a major victory for him if he had actually gotten with Kira.
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